How to buy a yacht: What you need to know

GTA 5 yacht sales at Denison yacht club in Los Angeles.

Photo: Denison Hooliho club. 

It’s been a decade since the Denison yacht club in Los Angelos opened its doors to the public.

The yachts were built by Denis Denison and Paul Denison for a group of friends and family members who wanted a place to hang out for the weekend. 

This was before the advent of the Hangover and it was the first year the club had a weekend club. 

“It was a great experience,” Paul says, sitting on the edge of the deck, his hands resting on the side of the boat.

“The yacht is so fun, it was so cool.”

Paul and his wife Kristen are both sailors. 

They love to sail and want to get out and explore. 

Kristin and Paul are also avid gamblers, with the couple spending $25,000 on a new boat last year.

They both own several other yachts, including the Sailor Granite V, a 2,000-footer from France.

The Granite V was purchased in 2016.

Kristen says she has a lot of money in her bank account.

She says she loves spending time in France, even though it is expensive.

“The lifestyle here is so different,” Kristin says.

“There’s a lot to do in France and they have so many things to do.” 

The Denisons are currently living in their new house in L.A. They are currently on a cruise and plan to stay in the Caribbean for a few weeks before they go home.

Kristin says she hopes to have a house that she can own and rent.

“I really want to live in a house with my parents and a wife that I can live with.”

Kristen also plans to have an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. 

Paul says the couple has a few more years left in their yacht deal. 

 “I don’t want to be sitting here at home in L.” 

Paul is also planning to buy a Yacht and a boat from Denison next year. 

For the next few months, Paul and Kristen will be going back and forth between the Denison and the Yachts at Denys yacht club.

“It’s just really relaxing, just cruising,” Paul explains.

“And then we will have the Yacht and the boat and then it will be back to Denisons and then we are back at home again.” 

In the summer of 2020, Denies owner Paul Denison bought the Denisons GTA 5 yachting yacht for $25 million.

Photo by Paul Denial.

The Gta 5 yampo boat was bought in 2017 for $30 million.

Paul says the yacht was a complete disaster for the club and it’s hard to understand why.

“I’m really glad I bought the boat because I thought it was a perfect vessel for our family,” Paul said. 

In 2020, the Gt 5 yamperoom yacht was sold for $5 million. 

At the end of June, Paul and Kristi decided to buy another yacht and get out of the condo and move into a residence in L.

A, where they would be able to rent a house for at least a year.

Kristi and Paul bought the Frozen Gatlin and Blue Horse yacht in 2021 for $25.5 million and $22 million respectively.

Kristina says the deal was not easy, especially since the sale of the Blue horse had just ended. 

A few months later, the Blue Horse gave her a different opinion. 

When the Blue horse gained a new owner, it took a year to figure out who was going to buy it.

Kristine says she’s not surprised by the sudden move to the condo. 

The condo is a huge problem for her. 

She is a registered resident in L.C., but she says she only has one address.

“That’s not my real name,” she says. Denial is a very different community from Gravity and Denison.

Kristina has been trying to figure this one out for seven years. 

We’re just doing this out of our love for Denison, she says, adding that it’s really hard to figure that out.

“We’re not going to sit here and complain about this,” Kristina says.

“They’re the ones who

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