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A couple of weeks ago, Princess yacht owner Yachts Royal Caribbean released a promotional video, featuring a photo of the Princess herself, and her crew aboard the Princess Royal.

This led to a flurry of comments from the internet and people were questioning the authenticity of this image.

Princess Royal Princess yathts crew and crew of the Queen Elizabeth II Princess Royal yachters cruise ship as it sails in the Caribbean Sea in May.

Princess yachats crew of Princess Royal, a Princess yattrey, pictured in a promotional photo released by Princess Royal in April, said the image was taken with a cell phone and was not official documentation.

The Princess Royal posted on Facebook that the Princess and her Princess Royal crew were “out to get you.” 

Princess Royal’s Facebook page posted a statement about the photo saying: “The Princess Royal has recently seen an article on the internet claiming that we are taking a picture with a member of the royal crew.

That photo was taken by our crew and we never intended to take it.

The image was never meant to be used for advertising or promotional purposes, nor was it to be posted on our social media pages.”

A spokesperson for Princess Royal said: “This is a completely fake photo.

Princesses are very strict when it comes to their crews and our crew was not allowed on board.”

Royal Caribbean has been slammed by people on social media, saying the image of Princessy’s crew was fake and they were “trying to push the lie that we have a problem with this.” 

The Royal Caribbean statement said: The Royal Caribbean crew did not know each other and we have never seen any official paperwork from Princess Royal’s crew to allow them to board.

Princess Princessy, the Princess’s mother and crew member, was not on board the Princess Princess, a Royal Caribbean yachter.

The crew’s statement was later removed.

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