How the world will be paying for Michael Jordan’s yacht

Michael Jordan has started renting out his boat, an Anacorte, to a family that plans to pay for its upkeep and entertainment.

In an exclusive interview with The Hindu, a spokesman for the family revealed details of the arrangements.

The spokesman said that the Anacorts owner, David Miller, was the first to receive a loan, which is the equivalent of US$100,000 ($89,000).

“We are the first person in the world to receive such a loan.

David and his wife, Christine, have a two-year-old son,” he said.

Miller said that while the family had paid for the boat and the upkeep of the yacht itself, the Anacs will pay for the “outfitting and entertainment”.

The Anacourtes family owns the boat, and has been paying for its outfitting and entertaining for years.

According to Miller, the boat’s owner is in the process of “outfitted” the vessel and will be ready for the next season of the show.

The family’s other boat, the Ayran, has been undergoing maintenance and entertainment as well.

The boat has been on display in the New York Stock Exchange since last October, after being on display for more than two decades in India.

Miller has told The Hindu that he had not received any payment from the family.

“It’s a bit of a surprise to us,” he explained.

“I don’t think that this is the first time that a boat like this has been owned by someone who has not been paying any rent for a long time.”

A spokesman for Anacosta said that they had received the loan and were looking forward to paying for the Anzac’s upkeep and the family’s entertainment.

“The boat has recently been on loan to the family who has been looking forward for the long-term care and entertainment that they have been wanting to receive,” he added.

Miller’s company is a subsidiary of the US firm, the American Property Company, which owns more than 4,000 properties in the US.

Miller is known for his philanthropic work, and is known to have given more than US$3 billion to various causes, including the Children’s Miracle Network, Save Our Children, The Children’s Trust and the US Navy.

He has also supported US causes through philanthropy.

Miller also owns a boat, a yacht, a helicopter, a luxury car, an art collection, and a luxury home in Florida.

He and his partner, Michael Jordon, have had a relationship for more as than 30 years, but the relationship has been rocky in recent years.

In 2014, Jordon resigned from Miller’s management company, Miller-Jordon LLC.

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