How to get a virtual yacht charter with a virtual tour: STEVE JAMES SIKES YACHTS

As a newbie to virtual reality, Steve James has found himself at the front lines of a new class of chartering.

As he was on a virtual vacation from a gig he had started, he spotted a beautiful yacht and thought, “Wow, I could actually go out on a boat and cruise around with this beautiful yacht.”

He was so taken with it, he set out to charter it himself.

He started with a few ideas and some sailing plans.

One was to make it sail from Boston to New York, then back again, and then up again, all the way to Long Island.

Then, after some planning, he figured out that a yacht like that could be towed around New York Harbor and out to the ocean.

He also had a few plans for the interior of the yacht.

“We want to have a restaurant on the deck.

We want a boat that has a great bar on the boat,” James told ABC News.

“We wanted a living room.

We wanted a kitchen.

We just wanted something.”

James and his wife, Lisa, launched the Chirality Yacht Charters in January 2016.

They were looking for a yacht that could get him out to New Orleans for a week, and he was going to do that.

James was already a masterful sailor, so he figured he would just cruise around the world.

“I really thought, this is it,” he said.

“I’m going to try and sail around and see what it’s like and then I’m going home.

It was really fun.

I love the adventure.

I’m a very lucky person.

I’ve always had a lot of fun, and I really wanted to experience some of the things I’ve been doing.”

James is also a huge gamer, and it’s part of what has made the Chirsality Yachts a hit.

He loves the freedom that comes with being a virtual traveler.

“It’s not as though you’re on a yacht,” James said.

“”It’s more like, I am on a jet.

It’s like being in a helicopter, you’re in the air, you can go anywhere you want.

I like that.

“James has been a charter pilot for years.

He’s been sailing around the globe for about 10 years now, but his first real adventure was when he was a kid.

He remembers being fascinated by the sea and the waves.

He even saw a shark that was going around a pier and just thought, that’s kind of cool.”

He was really into sailing around, and that was a lot more fun than being on a yachting boat,” he added.

James’s first trip to New Zealand was on an adventure he dubbed “Yacht Safari.”

He went on two dates in a row, and when he got home he was just blown away by the beauty and the serenity of the place.”

I just loved it. “

Then I went up to Waikato and it was beautiful.

I just loved it.

Then I was in the water at Auckland and I just thought ‘Wow.

This is awesome.'”

James is a big believer in taking risks.

He is currently on a one-year trip to a small island called Maungakakea.

James had always wanted to visit the island and then make a day trip back to New England.

“Maungackakea is a place that I had always really wanted,” he told ABC news.

“It’s a really cool place.

It has a really interesting culture, and the water is really beautiful.

It just made me think, why not go?”

James says he has no plans to stop going to New Eden, and says he’s still looking forward to seeing New Zealand.

“New Zealand has been my home for so long.

It means so much to me,” he continued.

“For me to be able to see New Zealand, it just makes me want to go back and see that place.

I mean, New Zealand has always been a place where you could go, explore, see different cultures and have a good time.

And for me to go to New Hampshire and see New England, that makes me feel so much better about what’s going on in my life right now.”

For more information about chartering with virtual reality visit: chirality yachts website

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