The world’s largest yacht can fit inside the space between a football field and a plane

When you consider that there are now nearly three million people living on the planet, the idea of living on a tiny boat is pretty much impossible to imagine.

So when a team of engineers and designers decided to design the world’s biggest yacht, they had to overcome some tough engineering challenges.

And while it’s a massive vessel, it also requires a lot of space.

Here’s what you need to know.


The yacht is big and can fit into a football stadium.

The world-record yacht, the Serenity, was built in 2009.

It’s one of only a handful of large ships to have been built in the U.S. The ship has a capacity of roughly 7,600 passengers and about 2,000 crew members.

In the ocean, the vessel is estimated to be roughly the size of a small plane.

The crew is mostly located in the ship’s bow, which is divided into two parts.

One part of the vessel houses a helicopter that can land on a ship and conduct a rescue mission.

The other part of ship is called the bow, where the boat can land.

The helicopter’s flight deck houses the engine room and the command and control center.

A separate deck has room for the ship to land on the seafloor.

The Serenness is about 13,000 feet long and 10,000 yards wide, making it the largest yacht in the world.

And it’s been built to withstand the elements, as it is designed to withstand winds of up to 125 mph (193 kph).


The hull is made of titanium, so it’s incredibly strong.

In comparison to conventional steel hulls, which are made of heavy metals such as steel and concrete, the titanium in the S.

S, the team says, is “extremely strong, yet lightweight.”

The team also says it has made significant improvements in the construction of the hull, which it calls “super-strong.”

The S.s is “one of the strongest, most rigid hulls in the ocean,” the team said.


The design includes a massive deck of windows.

The team said that the structure of the ship “has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with a minimal amount of structural rigidity.”

A giant, stainless steel window, which can be raised to nearly the level of a baseball diamond, provides a 360-degree view of the ocean.

This giant window is located at the bow of the S .s. 4.

The ships construction includes a number of different technologies.

The largest of these is a propulsion system called the SuperSpeed, which uses a jet engine that produces a thrust of about 4,500 pounds per square inch (pounds per square meter).

The engine also has a fuel system that produces hydrogen gas, which the team describes as “an ideal fuel source.”


The boat can also have a variety of life-saving equipment.

A life raft can be deployed in case of an emergency and a life vest can be attached to the hull for underwater rescues.


The waterline has been designed with a combination of a “dual-layer system,” which includes a deck of pipes to allow for better drainage, and a “diversion” system, which lets the water in the hull flow into the hull.

The diversion system allows for the boats current to flow into one of the vessels engine room, which in turn allows the engine to operate more efficiently.

The engine room is the area where the ship can operate.

The engines main purpose is to move water around.

When the engine is turned on, it turns the water around the ship and the engine produces a powerful current that keeps the water at a safe level.

The dual-layer and diversion systems also reduce the need for a continuous supply of water to cool down the engines engines cooling system.


The vessel can also be used to conduct disaster response missions.

While the ship is relatively small, the teams design includes numerous large areas, such as the propulsion room, the life raft and the flight deck, that the team hopes will become an important staging area during disasters.


The designers say the Sirens mission is an example of “what can be achieved with an innovative approach to disaster relief.”

They say that the ship will be a “lifeboat,” which is a “tactical and effective vehicle that can safely and effectively evacuate people and property from a disaster area.”


The project is currently under contract for $4.6 billion.

It will cost about $1 billion more than what the team estimated it would cost to build the boat.


The mission is slated to begin in 2020.

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