When you can sail a 100 foot yacht, you can land a plane

A flight attendant who was recently promoted to captain of a 100-foot yacht, dubbed “the land yacht,” told ABC News she’s “just so excited” to fly the yacht on a long haul.

“I was looking forward to doing it,” the pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, told ABCNews.com.

“My job is to do everything in the ship that we do.”

The pilot said he’s “absolutely delighted” to be captain of “a yacht that’s bigger than a plane” that he’s looking forward “to taking it out for a few hours.”

He’s “very happy to be in this position.”

 The pilot was a flight attendant at a flight school in New York.

She said she plans to spend the summer at a home-based business, while also taking time off from work to raise funds for a charity.

The pilot is part of a group of flight school instructors who have been flying their 100-ft, 30-foot, and 30-meter-long land yachts for about five years.

 “We’re all very excited about the opportunity,” the instructor said.

In addition to flying the boats, the instructors have also been working to develop a community of pilots who would “take it to the next level.”

In 2016, the pilot was promoted to master of the class.

“We are a very small group of very skilled and talented individuals,” the master said.

“The students are very experienced and very good at their craft.”

The instructor told ABCNEWS.com that she plans on “working very closely with the school and the student pilot and helping them on the job as we go forward.”

A spokesperson for the American Association of College Instructors (AAOCI), which oversees the flying of aircraft at its member schools, confirmed that the association has “been in communication with the instructor and is looking into the matter.”

“A lot of us are very proud of the achievement of the students,” said the spokesperson.

“We’ve been in contact with the FAA about the incident and we will continue to be closely monitoring it.”

However, the FAA has not yet commented on the incident.

According to the FAA, a pilot’s license is required to fly aircraft larger than a 737 MAX or Boeing 737 Max 10.

While some pilots who are promoted to full-time positions with the association are expected to fly airplanes, the flying profession in the United States is not the same as it is in Europe or other countries.

An FAA spokesperson told ABCnews.com: “A pilot is a pilot.

He’s not a pilot in a plane.”

An investigation by ABC News of the FAA’s rules and regulations for commercial aircraft will continue.

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