Why the U.S. has one of the most expensive yachting destinations in the world

We’ve talked about the U, but what about the rest of the world?

Here’s a look at the five countries with the most yachtery-friendly laws, according to the World Economic Forum.


United States: The U..

S., like most Western countries, has laws on the books that require you to register your yacht with the local government, although you can register privately.

The yacht club has a website that can help you do that, and if you’re a member of the Association of American Yachts or AAS, you can get a free registration and license.

There’s also a yacht club charter service.

(This service, which was first launched in 2013, offers both private and charter flights.)

But if you don’t have a yacht, you’re not required to register.

The American Yacht Club of America says its membership is voluntary and that it’s not a requirement for its charter flights.

AAS says it doesn’t require members to register, but its charter services do require a membership and registration.

And the charter service, AAS Boat Club of New Jersey, has charter flights for up to eight people and a private yacht for up the price of a charter.

(Its website says it offers only “a limited number of private charter flights per year.”)


Netherlands: The Netherlands is home to one of only three major offshore yachters, the Maresport yachties, which have been running since 2011.

They’re open to charter flights from the Netherlands to destinations all over the world.

But unlike the U., you don

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