How to book a royal yacht charter

You don’t need a royal charter to book an international yacht charter, but you do need to be able to book your charter from one of the country’s top companies, and that’s where Bill Gates’ yacht charter company comes in.

Gates’ Yacht Charter has become one of California’s top charter companies.

The company specializes in chartering yachts, but it also offers chartering services to the private sector.

Gates is a big fan of chartering and is a strong supporter of charter companies and the chartering industry.

Gates and his Yacht charter company have been making waves in the private chartering business for years.

In 2013, Gates and two other billionaire partners were awarded the California State Board of Chartering and Development’s “Charter of the Year” award.

Gates also announced in 2016 that he and his wife, Melinda, would be buying a $5.9 million luxury yacht called the Princess Diana, which was purchased by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

The Princess Diana was the second-longest-ever yacht owned by the Gates family.

Gates has also made waves as a charter owner.

In 2017, he and Melinda Gates were awarded a $3.9 billion deal to take over a privately owned yacht in the Indian Ocean that had been owned by billionaire Paul Allen, who sold it to Gates.

The deal is set to run through 2019, but Gates has said that he wants to be “on board” for as long as possible.

Gates announced his intention to buy the Princess and other expensive yacht-related items during a dinner with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York in 2017.

Gates said that the sale of the Princess, a $10 million yacht, will be “a great opportunity for the Indian government to showcase the wealth of the world’s rich.”

Gates’ daughter, Maya, and her husband, Bill Gates, will also be aboard the Princess.

Gates, who is also a billionaire himself, has been a charter pilot since the early 1990s.

He also owns a chartering company called Bill Gates Air Charter that is owned by his daughter, Yvette.

The Yacht Club, a private charter company that has been offering private charter flights to Indian officials, has also been providing high-end charter flights.

The New York Times reported that the New York charter company has been flying private charter to members of the Indian parliament.

The Times reported: The Times obtained documents showing that the government of India was buying the Princess in March 2018 for $3 billion and was flying it to the Indian capital, New Delhi, for an official trip that year.

The document, a confidential document obtained by The Times from a source with direct knowledge of the deal, showed that the private operator, Bill and Yvette Gates Foundation, would fly the yacht to the United States, and then the private company would fly it to New Delhi for a scheduled return flight on June 7, 2019.

A copy of the private flight, which the Times obtained, showed the helicopter carrying the yacht was carrying a passenger, but no passengers were onboard.

The flight was arranged by Bill Gates’s wife, Yvonne, who flew the helicopter to New York.

The helicopter that was used for the private helicopter trip to New England was owned by Gates’ company, Charter Air Services.

The charter service is run by Gates, his wife and his daughter.

Charter Air has been operating since 1998.

The plane that Gates and Yvonnne Gates flew from New York to India in 2018 has been the same plane that flew the yacht from India to New Jersey in 2018, according to a copy of charter flight records obtained by the Times.

Gates owns the Princess’ charter company and the private carrier that is flying it.

He has also invested in charter flights and private companies.

Gates purchased a yacht in 2015, the yacht that was sold to him in 2019.

Gates did not respond to a request for comment from CBS News.

In an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Gates said, “It is really about opportunity, it is really, really about creating wealth.”

Gates is also known to be an investor in private companies and has donated millions of dollars to political causes.

He is a supporter of the charter chartering service called Charter Flight.

The Charter Flight website says, “Our charter service offers the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious private cruise with a private owner at a low cost.

The cruise is designed to bring in the best in our clients, who choose to charter.”

Gates has donated $1.2 million to charter flight charities over the years, including $750,000 in 2017, $500,000 last year and another $300,000 this year.

Gates told CBS News in 2018 that he believes that charter flights create jobs, and “they are the only way to get people from one place to another.”

The Gates family has also contributed millions of pounds to political candidates and causes.

In 2018, the family donated $2 million toward the campaign

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