How to book a yacht charter in Miami with no experience

Leontardo Diaz, one of the top yacht charter operators in Miami, said he would recommend starting out with a beginner’s charter, but there are plenty of more experienced owners who can provide a more professional experience.

“We have a lot of experienced owners that can help you out,” Diaz said.

“They can also give you more specific information, so if you want to go on a trip to New York or something, they can give you information that will be a little bit more specific.”

He said he recommends starting with a two-person yacht charter with an experienced owner and the captain.

“I would always recommend a two person,” he said.

Diaz said he does not have a specific time frame for choosing a yacht, but said he usually picks a day or two in advance.

“You want to book your yacht as early as possible,” he added.

“If you’re a novice or you’re not very experienced, I would just try to book it before you even go on the boat.”

He noted that the experience and skills required for a yacht captain can vary depending on the type of yacht and the type and location of the charter.

“They can teach you a lot about how to operate a yacht,” he explained.

“I would just say go with someone who is knowledgeable.”

Diaz also said he advises against getting a yacht with a large number of passengers.

“If you want a yacht that you can take to the beach, I recommend you not go with it with a lot,” he stressed.

“It’s not going to be as comfortable as a small, quiet boat that you could take.”

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