How to Get Your Westshore Yacht Club Membership for Free!

Seadream Yachts and Westshore yacht clubs are getting a new twist this year as the owners of several Westshore yachting clubs will soon offer a 50% discount on membership for up to four months.

The new deal is a part of the club’s ongoing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Westshore is currently in the process of restructuring to better serve the needs of its members.

The club is now offering discounts to new members who are renewing their membership at a lower membership fee of $200, and will also be offering a 50-percent discount on renewal fee up to three years in advance of the renewal date.

The savings on membership will be split equally among the members, so new members are not locked into a club for the life of their membership.

The club’s owners are looking to cut costs and make operational improvements by shifting some of the boats to smaller and more efficient boats.

While the old boats are still in service, the new boats are smaller, more efficient, and less likely to be on the market when new memberships start up.

The owners are also looking to simplify operations for their members, and to simplify the process for new members.

Westshore’s chartering system allows the club to operate more efficiently and quickly, but it requires members to take a few more steps to get started.

For example, members must have at least two years of experience in the business and to be registered at least three years prior to the start of their first chartering.

The new agreement requires the club owner to be at least six years old and in full control of the chartering process.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a new boat, call the club today at (972) 765-2300 or email [email protected] and they will give you a list of available boats for you to choose from.

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