How to find yachting destinations in the UK and Ireland

More than two-thirds of British and Irish yachters are still without a home, a new report says.

The figures released on Monday by the International Yacht Travel Association (Iyta) show that the number of yachties with no permanent home fell by nearly one-fifth to 4,927 between July 2016 and June 2017.

The figure is the first time the figures have been published, and it represents a drop of almost 8,000 yachty owners.

The numbers were compiled from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) of yacht owners, which is carried out by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors (ICSI).

The figures show that just one in five British yachter owners reported having a home in the country.

This is the second consecutive year that the IPS has seen a decline in the number, with just over one in four British yachters reporting no permanent address.

But despite the fall in the numbers, the survey also shows that a significant proportion of the British population still has an address, with almost two-fifths of those in the survey saying they had a property in the capital city.

“The number of British people without permanent homes is down sharply, as is the number who live in the centre of London, with over one-quarter of British yackee owners not having a permanent address,” Iyta said.

“It’s been a real struggle to find a place to live in our country, with people living in the outer boroughs of London having little choice but to stay in their home boroughs.”

Iytha, a leading travel company, said that as more and more people are moving to the capital, it was important that they knew where they could go and what they could expect.

“Yachts and yachtiers are a vital part of the city’s lifestyle and culture, and the number and size of yackeys in London have grown significantly in the last 10 years, with new yachttes opening every year, as well as an increased number of young people moving into the city,” said David McLean, chief executive of Iytha.

“As more and better places to live are opened up, our customers want to know where they can find a home.”

Yachty ownership is down across the UKThe UK is a leading exporter of yathas, with nearly two-and-a-half million boats in service.

It also has the third-highest number of people with no fixed address.

However, a growing number of new yathouses are being built in the city.

The number that were built in 2017 stood at nearly 20,000, with more than half of those being built to accommodate the growth of the local yacht club.

“These new facilities are creating new opportunities for new yacht-owners to enjoy their favourite holiday destinations, and have a great experience in the local community,” said Iyma.

“With this in mind, the Iysta survey also highlights the growing number and diversity of yathanouses being built for the tourism sector.”

We’re looking forward to welcoming more yachted guests and owners to our London venues in the years to come.

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