Leonardo Dicaprano’s yacht week: Croatia is a dream destination for croatian luxury yacht owners

Croatian billionaire Leonardo DICAPRROSO has a yacht to sell.

His private island, called LOS MURAS, is a favorite for yacht owners in the tiny Caribbean nation of 11,000.

But his private island is also an ideal location for the sale of a yacht.

The LOS MARAS is an ocean-going luxury yacht that was built in 1959.

It has two cabins and three double-dockers.

It’s named after a former captain of the ship, who was a member of the Croatians elite and a member, according to the yacht’s owner, Lola Marasic.

Marasic is a wealthy Croat, but also an entrepreneur.

She says she had a lot of questions about what to do with her yacht.

She said she knew of a private island in the Pacific that was owned by the Duke of Buccleuch and that she had been told it was very, very expensive.

She said she’d looked around the world for a suitable island in Europe, but that she thought that was very hard to do because the island is located in the middle of the ocean, and she had to cross the English Channel, and the coast of Spain, and then cross the French coast, and that was pretty hard to accomplish.

She thought that’s not feasible.

So, Marasica asked the government to let her take her boat and sell it for a bit of money.

She got permission to have it sold, but it was not a big deal for her.

She did not get any royalties, she said.

She is not wealthy enough to get them.

She has a lot more interest in the boat and is interested in building a bigger yacht and building a yacht house in a different location.

She’s not sure when she will be able to do that, but she is planning on getting a bigger boat.

She has been on the hunt for a yacht for about a year, and said that she has seen a lot.

She is the owner of a number of private islands around the Caribbean, including a yacht named the LOS LORAS.

She also owns a yacht called THE FABULOUS BISHOP.

She bought the boat with the intention of putting it up for auction, but the buyer didn’t respond to her messages, and a few weeks ago, the buyer called and said they wanted to sell it and that they were selling it for $200,000 and had a very good offer.

Marinasic said that, for her, it’s an opportunity to make a bit more money.

She thinks it will be very nice to have a bigger vessel, to have an idea of what to build on it, and have some space to work.

She says that if the buyer really wanted to do this, they could just put the boat up for sale.

She does think the buyer will want to sell the boat for the money it would bring in.

I think the owner will really enjoy this.

She will really want to make money on it.

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