What to do if your yacht club is closed for the winter

A cruise ship crew that left New York City this month has reported they’re not allowed to stay at a nearby beach for the last month.

The owners of the RMS Auldridge say they’ve had to cancel their Caribbean-style sailing excursions with guests and move them to the Bahamas, where they have not been allowed to sail.

The cruise ship company posted on its Facebook page that it has been “forced to close” a yacht club in the Bahamas.

The yacht club, which was set up by the owner and a crew member, has been sailing the Caribbean for the past seven years.

The Auldridgers, who have been sailing on their ship, said the yacht club had not paid them for the trip and has not provided them with enough food or other accommodations.

The ship sailed through the Bahamas last week with the crew member in tow.

A yacht club member, who asked to remain anonymous, said they are being denied a second holiday at the beach where they’re staying for the summer because the crew is not paying for the boat to dock.

“They have not paid the boat and there is no way to dock it, and we are not allowed at the pier,” the yacht owner said in a video posted on Facebook.

The video shows the yacht captain berating the yacht crew member for not being paid.

“You are not paying.

We’re not paying, you’re not going to pay for the yacht, you are not going,” the captain says.

“It’s not a fun time.

You’re not doing anything for us, we’re not getting to see our family, we can’t see them, we don’t even know what to do with them.”

A statement from the yacht ship’s owner said it has not been paid for the voyage, and it has offered to provide food and other accommodations to the crew members.

“We have offered to pay all of the crew for their entire stay at the dock, but that’s not happening,” the statement read.

“The yacht club has been asked to take a month off to visit relatives in the United States.

They have not complied and they have been refused food and accommodation for their trip to New York.”

The yacht ship owner said the club’s next trip to the beach will take place in June.

A company spokesman told ABC News that the yacht is now off the island of Nassau.

The New York Times reported that members of the yacht boat club had been allowed by authorities to return to the boat in recent days.

The Bahamas is an international resort community, but the Bahamas has been a source of controversy for the company that owns it.

The island is home to many Caribbean resorts, and the company has struggled to find accommodation for its staff there.

A recent cruise ship incident in the Caribbean sparked outrage and criticism of the island’s treatment of its workers.

The Costa Concordia ship capsized off the coast of Italy in 2014, killing 300 people.

A former Costa Concordian employee told The Associated Press in 2014 that she was forced to quit after her job was threatened and her ship was ordered to leave the island.

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