Why is a boat called “Yacht Rock” so popular?

A boat called Yacht Rock is popular in Lakewood, Fla., but the owner says he has no idea why.

“I’ve heard the name a million times,” said the owner of Yacht Rocks on Lakewood’s North Side.

“But I don’t really know anything about it.”

The owner, who is named YachtRock, said he recently bought a boat in Lake Forest and had heard the boat name before.

But when he went to look for it, he said, he could not find it.

“The boat is in Lakewoods name, but I haven’t found it,” he said.

The owner of the boat, who said he has heard the Yacht name before, said that he has been searching for the name for months and has been unable to find it in the area.

The boat was sold in 2008 and the owner said he is looking for someone to buy it and restore it to its original condition.

“If anyone wants to buy the boat and do the restoration, I would be interested,” the owner, whose name has not been released, told ABC News.

YachtRock said he does not know how he can get the boat back.

“How can I tell my children and grandchildren about this boat that I can’t find?” he asked.

“Why are people doing this?”

The owner said that the boat was bought by a local business owner who was looking for a new boat for his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

“She was looking to get a boat for her wedding, and he was looking after the boat,” the Yauchrock said.

“They’re a family that bought the boat together.”

The Yauclo, Fla.-based yacht club has about 200 members and has two boats that are outfitted with sailboats.

“We have boats for every type of occasion,” said Yacht Club Vice President Paul Yauchi.

“You can have a party, you can have an off-season cruise, you could even have a sailboat and you could have a yacht and you can do all of the sailing.”

Yacht Rocks owner Yachtrock told ABC affiliate WPTV that he plans to rebuild the boat to its former glory, adding that he’s looking to build a yacht for the club’s annual sailboat bash, which begins on April 4.

“There’s no reason why we can’t have a boat and have a bash, and I want to be a part of that,” he told WPTV.

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