Why you should never buy a yacht in Australia

This article was originally published on The Verge and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

A group of young Australians have been accused of “pandering” to Donald Trump, and some of the people who made the claims are still living in their homes.

The Melbourne-based yacht club, which has been called the “world’s largest yacht club”, has been criticised by the Australian government for hosting a “white knight” named Robert De La Rue, a self-styled champion of globalism and “environmentalism”.

The allegations against the club are just the latest in a series of scandals to emerge from the organisation, which was founded by former US President George W Bush and has attracted international notoriety after it hosted Trump at his Florida estate.

De La Rue’s links to the club have come under scrutiny as part.

Last month, the yacht club issued a statement claiming it had “no financial interest” in the organisation.

But after being contacted by The Verge, De La Roche, a member of the club’s board, told the publication he had no knowledge of any financial interest.

“I am not a director or a board member,” De La Troye told The Verge.

“I’m just a member.”

He added that his organisation had no business relationship with the Trump Organization.

“The club is not owned by the Trump family,” De Loye said.

“The Trump family owns the Trump estate.

I’m not a member, and there is no relationship with that estate.””

We are just a business group with no involvement in the Trump organisation or the Trump brand.”

Trump has been a regular guest at the club since 2009, but in 2016, he announced that he was leaving the club.

Trump has not responded to The Verge’s requests for comment.

“If there’s a connection, it’s one of a lot of connections that are being made to make this a whitewash and a cover-up of all the real and possible problems with the organisation,” DeLa Troye said, calling the allegations against him “totally ridiculous”.

“I have nothing to do with the club whatsoever.

I am a member.

That’s my understanding.”

De La Troyes claims are not the first time a member has claimed to have connections to the Trump Organisation.

Earlier this year, an Australian woman who claimed to be a member claimed she had a meeting with Donald Trump and had a “deal” with him.

The Trump Organisation did not respond to The Australian’s requests to comment on the claims.

“When a business meets with the President of the United States of America, I believe it has to be transparent, I know I don’t know everything about it,” De Troye insisted.

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