Danvers Port to welcome Galati Yachts as new club opens in Brighton

Brighton – The new Brighton & Hove Port has just been announced as the first yacht club to open at the seaside resort.

The club will be a 100-seat yacht club and will be operated by the new Brighton Harbour Club, which is based in Brighton.

Brighton Harbour Council has announced it will be taking over management of the club from the old Brighton Port Authority.

It is understood the club will run for up to 10 years, with members paying a £15 membership fee per year.

Brighton Harbour Club founder Michael Clements told BBC News: “We are delighted that the Brighton Harbour club will now be able to welcome our members, guests and staff in a new and exciting way.”

The club is set to open in the Brighton Marina Hotel and Restaurant, just across the river from the Brighton Docklands.

Brightman Harbour Club’s board chairman Chris Brown said: “Brightman is one of the busiest ports in the UK and is the perfect base for the club.”

The club has already been established and we are excited about the possibilities of bringing our memberships to Brighton Harbour.

“The Brighton Harbour Association, the UK’s biggest yacht club, welcomed the move.

It said: We are delighted to welcome the Brighton harbour club to the Brighton Harbor Marina Hotel & Restaurant in Brighton, as part of the Brighton & Hampshire Coast and Brighton Marina Resort, which have been providing the hospitality to the community for the past 30 years.”

Brightman has a long history of providing excellent hospitality to local communities and has helped bring many generations to Brighton.

“It is a testament to the strength of Brighton’s hospitality community that we now have an opening in Brighton Harbour.”

This will be another exciting opportunity for the Brighton waterfront to be home to a high-end yacht club.

The Brighton &Hove Port Authority is proud to be working with the Brighton and Hove Harbour club to establish this new club and is committed to providing a high quality service to its members, the community and visitors to the area.

“Brightman &Hampshire Council said it was working with Brighton Harbour to establish a club in the seashire resort.

It added: The Brighton Harbour Harbour Club will be based in the Marina Hotel, which will provide a comfortable and safe environment for members, their guests and guests of all ages.”

We are confident that this will provide an excellent venue for the local community and welcome many new members to Brighton,” it said.

Brightton &Have Harbour Association executive director of marketing Paul Smith said: Brighton Harbour is an ideal site for the new club to begin operations.”

Its a great place to be and we’re really excited to welcome it into the Brighton area and provide the hospitality we all need to stay safe on our seaside beaches,” he said.”

Our membership has been growing over the years and this is a perfect fit for the area.

“There is no doubt that Brighton has a vibrant and dynamic waterfront and we look forward to welcoming the club to our waterside resort.”

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