New yacht club trailer comes from Melbourne shipyard

A new trailer for a yacht club club yacht has arrived in Melbourne, after being designed by a team at Melbourne shipbuilding company Shipyard and Marine Australia.

Key points:The new trailer features a customised design, designed to resemble a yacht The trailer was built to resemble the yacht club yacht yacht that was built by Melbourne shipbuilder Shipyard & Marine AustraliaThe company’s chief executive officer, Mark Taylor, said the design was inspired by the club yacht.

“The design is very much based on the design of the yacht,” Mr Taylor said.

“It’s very much like a yacht and it has a very different personality.”

So we thought that it would be a very good design to incorporate that in the trailer.

“There are some elements that are based on it but it’s not a complete recreation of it.”

The trailer was designed by the shipbuilding firm Shipyard&Marine Australia (SMMA), based in Melbourne’s CBD, and features a design inspired by a yacht owned by the Sydney-based club.

The club yacht was built in 2013 by the company.

Mr Taylor said the company had “some great people on board” to help with the design.

“They were very involved in the design and the development process,” he said.”[It’s] very much a collaborative effort and a team effort.”

He said the trailer was “a fantastic way to showcase the yacht” to the public.

“We want to get the public involved and give them a glimpse of the beauty of this yacht,” he added.

The trailer will be displayed at a shipyard auction in Melbourne in September.

The company has a history of bringing shipbuilders together.

Mr Swift, the company’s CEO, said his team had been working together for two years to develop the trailer, which features a modified version of the club’s yacht.

He said it was “very much based off” the club ship, and was “designed to be a little bit different to the club”.

“The trailer itself is a little more traditional, with a slightly more aggressive look to it, which makes it a bit more exciting for people to look at it and they get to feel it,” he explained.

“And that’s what we wanted the trailer to be.”

People get to know it a little better, so they want to experience it for themselves.

“I think it’s a very exciting time in shipbuilding and the future of the industry.”

Mr Swift said he had “absolutely no doubt” that the trailer would “show off the beauty” of the ship.

“This is the biggest ship in the world, so we are going to make sure that the design is not just about aesthetics but it is also about functionality,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.


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