Sabre Yachts’ Excellence Yacht Club Wants To Make Its First Visit To The U.S.

Sabre yaches, the latest yacht to be crowned the “Excellence Yachting Club of America,” is in a good place.

The yacht is in the final stages of completing a five-year renovation and has secured an invitation to the 2014 New York Yacht Show.

Sabre yached the show for the first time last November.

The yachting legend was there to celebrate her 60th birthday, which marks a new milestone in the career of the legendary yacht.

The club also sponsored an auction of the yacht, which sold for $5.6 million.

For Sabre, the time was right to return to the U.K. for another try at winning the title of “Exemplary Yachter.”

“I would like to take a step back, let my family and friends know how much I appreciate the support I have received over the last few years and I would like the chance to continue in my career,” Sabre said in a statement.

She is now seeking to raise more than $6 million for the club to help the club move forward.

In 2013, Sabre was named “Expert Yacht Club of the Year” in the U, by the Yacht Writers Association of America.

Her father, Jack, was a British-born sailor who worked with the British Royal Navy.

Sabre is now in her second term as Sabre’s honorary chairwoman.

“I’m not a political figure and I’m not going to take the politics from my life,” she said.

The club is still seeking an investor and is currently seeking funding from the British government and the private sector.

As for Sabre herself, she’s not ruling out a return to New York, although the trip to New Jersey was a “no-go” for her.

“I am looking forward to seeing everyone and being able to say I’m here,” she told MTV News.

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