Seattle yacht club plans to make 50 foot yacht with 50 foot sails

The Seattle yacht and charter company Seaview has launched a new design of 50 foot sailing yacht with a 50 foot sail called the Dauntless.

The new sail will allow for bigger sails, improved rigging and better weather protection.

“With the new 50 foot design, we wanted to make it a more competitive boat that can be more than just a recreational vessel, and to do that we were able to increase the performance,” founder and CEO Mike Schaeffer said in a press release.

The 50 foot Dauntess is the first of several sailboats that will be introduced by the Seattle yacht, yacht club and yacht club partners at the upcoming Puget Sound International Boat Show in June.

Schaeffers son, Matthew, also plans to add a new 50-foot yacht, called the Seavieta, which he plans to launch at the show.

The Seavieres goal is to build the biggest sailboat the world has ever seen, the world’s largest yacht, and then make a new one with more than 1,000 feet of length.

The first boat in the new design, the Dontabile, will have a maximum capacity of 8,000 pounds and a maximum gross tonnage of more than 7,500.

The company hopes to sell a 50-ft yacht for $7 million.

The Dauntal is being built by a team that includes former Navy SEALs, retired SEALs and retired Navy SEAL operators.

It’s expected to cost $4 million. 

“We are excited to launch this project,” said Schaeffeer.

“The Dauntabile will be our first 50-passenger sailboat, and we have designed a sail that will allow us to achieve the maximum performance and maximum payload in the shortest possible time.”

The Dontabilise is a sailboat that has been designed by the Seaworld’s Marine Sailboat program.

It has a maximum displacement of 4,000 and a gross tonmage of 7,300.

It will be able to hold more than 2,000 passengers, although the boat is expected to be capable of more.

It can hold 2,500 people and has a gross weight of more, about 3,000. 

The new Dauntamuses sailboat has a sail length of just over 3,400 feet, which is slightly longer than the previous design.

The sails are 30 feet longer than a 50 feet sailboat.

Schauffers boat will feature an engine that uses a turbine with a single turbine in the center of the hull.

The turbine will have the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which allows it to generate electricity that can power the boat’s engine.

It is a single, large, turbine engine that powers the sailboat and also the engine for the Seascape, which will be made by the same company.

The boat will have three engines and six propellers. 

Sailboats that feature the turbine will be built at Seattle’s Ballard Shipbuilding, but it’s unclear how much work will be done at the company. 

Schaeffer expects the sailboats to be in service in the 2020s.

“This will be the most competitive boat ever built, and I think we’re going to make history as the first sailboat to have a sail built with a turbine engine,” Schaefer said. 

For more information about the Duntabile and the Dontebile, visit or

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