When a billionaire named Jeffrey Katzenberg bought a yacht and a yacht club: the history of the Princess Yachts

As it happened, the Princess of Wales, a luxury yacht, was the most expensive yacht ever purchased in America.

It was a $1.6 million yacht, the most ever sold at auction, by a private owner, according to the American yacht club.

Now, the yacht club is suing the billionaire for more than $100 million, accusing him of “grossly overcharging” for the Princess and “abusing the exclusive rights” of Princess Yacht Club, which he owns.

In addition to the yacht, Princess Yaches were purchased by Jeffrey Katzinger and his wife, Elizabeth Katzberg.

The yacht club claims that Jeffrey Katzenships actions were “abuses of the exclusive right of Princess of the United States and the Princess’ exclusive right to purchase the Princess yachting vessels.”

According to a press release from the Princess yacht club that was obtained by The Next Word, Jeffrey Katzman “overcharged the Princess by nearly $1 million and the Club by nearly a million dollars.”

The Princess yacht was purchased by Katzenstein in 2008 for $2.5 million.

In May of 2010, Jeffrey said on CNBC that he was “going to make this the biggest yacht ever bought in America” and added that he plans to sell the Princess.

Katzenfelds attorney, John Schmitt, also told The Next Story that the yacht’s owner had agreed to “minimize the purchase price to the lowest possible amount” when he bought the yacht.

The Princess yaches were sold for $1,735,000 in December 2010.

According to The Next News, the club said that the deal with Katzensteins wife was negotiated through the Princess’s yacht club and not the yacht auction house.

Jeffrey Katzes yacht was also purchased by a group of investors, who were led by billionaire Jeffrey Katze.

According the press release, Katzengers wife, Kristin Katzenbaum, and Katzstein’s wife, Linda, have also been named in the lawsuit.

Katzzenships lawyer, Mark Schmitt told TheNextWord that the group of individuals had “a fiduciary relationship with the Princess.”

According the Press Release from the club, Katzenzstein “negotiated the sale of the yacht through his company, the American Yachting and Yacht Boat Owners’ Association, through his daughter, Princess of Katzenburg, and through his son, Jeffrey, who is the President of the American Club.

The Group was able to achieve a fair price for the yacht.”

According a press statement from the yacht owner’s lawyer, Jeffrey K. Katze, the “Princess yacht was the culmination of a long-term collaboration between the American Princess yacht yacht club to increase the value of Princess yacht ownership.

The club’s ownership of the boat will provide it with additional resources and opportunities to expand its business.”

The lawsuit claims that the sale “was not properly negotiated.”

Katzen, who owns the Katzenstern Company and the yacht clubs parent company, has a net worth of more than 10 billion dollars.

According an article from CNBC, Katze told CNBC in an interview that he is “not interested in taking on the yacht at this point.”

He said that he would like to keep the Princess in the United Kingdom.

According a separate article, Katzig told CNBC that “I will continue to invest in the yacht until it sells for the right price.”

Katze has also been a prominent player in the private equity industry.

In 2012, the New York Times reported that Katzig founded the Katze Group, a private equity firm that specializes in buying and selling distressed companies.

In 2013, Katzin said in an article for the Atlantic magazine that he invested $25 million in the American Piers, an upscale resort in the Bahamas, and another $25.4 million in a luxury cruise line that was going to open in 2014.

The Atlantic article noted that Katzen had previously invested in a real estate company in Hawaii, but that he had left it after one year.

Katzin is also the president of the Piers Club, a yacht racing and private chartering company that operates in the Caribbean.

Katzig said that his investment in the Pier Club was unrelated to the Princess, which is owned by his daughter and sister.

Katzes sister-in-law, the British billionaire Gina Rinehart, owns the Princess as well.

According To the New Jersey Times, Katzman is also known for taking large stakes in companies like Amazon and Google.

He also owned a private jet, a sailboat, a motorboat and a helicopter, according the New Yorker magazine.

He has also held a variety of roles in the entertainment industry.

Katzman has invested in and helped finance projects such as the Disney movie Mulan, and the remake of The Dark Knight

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